Explore the secrets of healthy lifestyle, the how’s and why’s

What is healthy lifestyle?

Healthy lifestyle is ability to live in a way that positively affects your physical, social and mental well-being.

This involves being physically active, paying attention to what you eat, having a positive social circle as well as living in a healthy environment.

Learning more about your yourself and being aware of the specific requirements you need in different life stages & conditions is also very important as health isn’t “one size fits all”.

Components of healthy life

Disease free

This is synonymous with the absence of diseases or the proper management of the inevitable one’s,

caused by harmful microorganisms, body wastes, harmful substances, injuries and our genes.


This entails ability to execute daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, and strength both physically and psychologically.

Social wellness

Our social wellbeing which involves our social circle, relationships and daily activities, can largely influence every part of our lives

A more positive social state results in more productivity and happiness, this involves who we regularly interact with and the activities we partake in.

Mental health

All our activities involves exposure to different experiences, some negative, some positive, but how we process these experience can have a lasting effects on our mental health.

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being, it involves how people think, feel, and behave.

Well-nourished state

Nutrition is an inevitable determinant of our health status, because doing it right is crucial to the survival of any specie.

What we eat greatly affect our internal body system, thereby influencing our fitness, disease state and our overall wellbeing.

Therefore is important that we obtain all the necessary ingredients the body needs for its function.

While there is no one size fits all approach to this, knowing what to eat and when can be a hidden treasure.

Why we should live a healthy life

Psychological stability

Being able to maintain the right mental condition in different life’s perplexing situations, stress and emotional trauma is hard.

Constantly making effort to be in the right state of mind can boost our overall mental stability.

Social/emotional satisfaction

A great social life with lots of positive energy, is crucial for happy, productive and accomplished life.

A good network of social acquaintance can also enable faster and better execution of tasks.

Economic benefits

The absence of lots of diseases linked by unhealthy lifestyle, reduces extra funds on healthcare.

Like the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”

Also healthy lifestyle leads to higher productivity and thus improved quality of life

Physical benefits

Being good condition physical generally boost self-confidence, improves productivity and boost happiness all these can work together to ensure longer and healthier life.

By eating right and being active we can achieve our desired physical goals.

How we can live a healthy lifestyle

Regular check-up

Regularly checking up yourself puts you in strategic position to anticipate the development of chronic conditions earlier,

thereby improving the chances of mitigating such conditions.

Quality Nutrition

Nutrition is not necessarily just about what we eat, but also how and when we eat it.

While the later has minor influence, they all work together to determine how the nutrients influence our internal systems.

With most of our diets involving carbs, protein and fats, a mentality shift toward fruits and vegetables to provide the much needed micro nutrients and beneficial phytochemicals is essential

Become more active

Being active is all about regularly engaging in various activities both physical and mentally demanding ones.

This help keep us in shape and preserve our cognitive function and physical condition as we get older.


This involves eliminating or minimizing some certain habits which might be potentially harmful to one’s health.

 Junk foods, unprotected sex, negative environments are a few examples.


This is perhaps the most encouraged healthy lifestyle tip, and it involves voluntary and intentional engagement in physical activities or sports to improve specific or general fitness level.

Manage stress

Stress is the body’s reaction to hormonal changes as a result of physical or emotional tension.

While it can be positive, when it persist for a longer period of time it’s usually counterproductive, sometimes even fatal.

Being able to detect when we are stressed and the right techniques to control each unique case is vital to healthy living

Maintain healthy relationships

Maintaining a positive communication with friends helps elevate our emotional state, this ensures that we are in right condition to handle daily experiences.